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Fic: Just Say “I Do”


5x14 reaction fic, set a few short years later: Kurt and Blaine are finally getting married. No, seriously. They are. At least if Elliott has anything to say about it.

A/N: I just really love thinking about their wedding, and I just really love Elliott, okay? This had to be written. You know it did. I make no apologies.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Kurt is the first of his friends to get hitched. He’d been engaged to Blaine since he was a fetus, basically; Elliott had only been waiting for the day they finally set a date.

It does, however, come as a bit of a surprise to him when Kurt asks him to be his best man. Sure, he’s one of his best friends, but he still feels incredibly happy to be considered. So of course he says yes. Kurt is awesome, and his and Blaine’s relationship is special. Elliott feels honored to get the chance to be there for them when they take it to the next level.

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